What are Alternatives to Jogging?

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What are Alternatives to Jogging?

Tired of jogging around the corner over and over again? Looking to burn more calories in a shorter amount of time?

How you can burn calories and why does it matter to you in the first place?

Calorie is a unit of energy that comes with everything you eat. With everyone saying they want to burn off their calories, it is not necessarily a bad thing for your body. In fact, your body needs calories just to stay alive and functional. However, when you reach a caloric surplus (more calories coming in than going out), they store in your body as glycogen or fat for a later time.

As time goes on, the excess calorie will convert into more glycogen and fat, therefore increasing your body fat percentage. With that in mind, here are a few alternative exercises that will get you burn more undesired extra calories than running.

All exercises are considering the individual to be an average 150 lbs. male with minimal exercising.



Approximate Calories Burned per hour

Stationary cycling


Rowing machines


Circuit training




Running (10 kph)





The measurement of calories burned per hour is based on an individual’s fitness level, body weight, body composition and a ton of other personalized factor so this should only be used as a reference.

Some of the exercises will burn more calories since they recruit more muscles at a higher intensity and mimic a HIIT (high intensity interval training). Remember that with a greater body weight or body fat percentage, the calories burned per hour will be higher.

As per the indoor cardio machines, they should be used at an energy output greater than 200 watts to burn said calories. It is always good to have alternatives just in case of poor weather, sick of running or lack of open treadmills. If you are looking for a more challenging run, maybe try the light pole methods. On a long stretch of road with a lot of telephone or light poles, sprint to a pole, walk to the next and repeat.